Monday, May 9, 2016

Closet Makeover Featured on Fox 19 Cincinnati

Check out our two-part makeover of Fox 19 morning anchor Kara Sewell’s closet.

We had the best time transforming her basic single rod closet design into a much more sophisticated and organized closet using The Container Store’s elfa system. It’s our go-to for affordable, adaptable closet design.

As a bonus, here are some of my favorite ways to store common closet staples. Many of which I put to use when organizing Kara’s space.

Hanging Clothing – Hang items on matching hangers, organized by type, then color. Consider separating work wear from weekend wear to make getting dressed in the morning quicker. Every good closet has a mix of short and long hang. 

Sweaters – Folded on open shelving, organized by color. Use a shelf divider to keep stacks upright.

  • For belts, hooks are the way to go with a pull-out rack or simple hanger.
  • Ties can be hung on a similar hook system or rolled and stored in a shallow drawer – always use drawer organizers and group ties by color.
  • Jewelry – By color and type. The elfa wall system from The Container Store helps to keep items displayed. Use shallow drawer organizers for earrings and rings.
  • Handbags – Treat them like a work of art and display them. If you can’t see them then you’ll never use them. 

Shoes – Open shelving by color and type is best because it’s always best to see what you have. Consider using The Container Store shoeboxes for dress shoes that are rarely worn. Bin for flip-flops and quick grab slippers.

Lesser Used Items – Consider storing lesser used items, like swim suits and baseball caps, in coordinated bins on higher shelving. Don’t forget to label the bins.

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