Thursday, January 29, 2015

For A Good Cause: Donating Kid Stuff

This is the first in a regular monthly series highlighting lesser known organizations in New York City and beyond that accept donations and pass them along to those in need. This is a topic I feel so passionately about: decluttering and helping others. I'm happy to finally share my insight with you. Thanks for reading along!

You might be surprised to find how difficult it can be to donate kids’ stuff. Often charities like Housing Works and many thrift shops won’t accept these items. I’ve found two worthy organizations that make it easy to declutter and streamline all your kid gear.

Room to Grow

This organization has a mission to enrich the lives of babies born into poverty throughout the critical first three years of development. In addition to the main programs that give developmental information and customized support to families, they also ensure that families have all of the needed baby items to ensure a healthy start for their child.

With programs in New York City and Boston, they accept donations of baby items, provided they are in excellent condition. See a full list of what they do and don’t accept here. For a tax-deductible fee they will pick-up items or items can be dropped off at their location near Flatiron. 

Baby Buggy

This organization, founded by Jessica Seinfeld (that’d be Jerry’s wife), works with networks of community-based organizations across the country to distribute new and gently used baby essentials. Baby Buggy’s product distributions are combined with comprehensive social service assistance, such as job training, financial literacy classes, and parenting support.

They accept donations in New York City and Los Angeles. Check out the full list of items they do and don’t accept. In New York City, you can drop off at their location on West 37th Street or you can arrange pick-up for a tax deductible fee. In Los Angeles, you can schedule a pick-up or make a drop off at locations across town.  

If you aren’t in NYC, LA or Boston, I encourage you to check with local religious groups and other community organizations. There are so many people doing this good work in all parts of the country.

And don’t forget to save those donation receipts for your tax deductions!

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