Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Organizing Obsession: Martha Stewart's Pocket Files

Martha has done it again. No, she hasn't committed any white collar crimes that I'm aware of, but she has created another quality product line with her home office organizing supplies from Staples. I've mentioned my obsession with the vertical file folders. This time it's the pocket files I'm obsessing over. 

Photo courtesy of Staples

I recently used one in a client's kitchen to organize menus and other contact information on the back of her cabinet doors. In doing so, I freed up extra drawer space. Score!

These pockets are so sleek and only look expensive. I'd expect no less from Martha. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Five [More] Ways to Organize Your Shoes

I'm back this week with five more ways to organize your shoes. Last week, I blogged about the first five options, just in case you missed it.  

Insider tip: In most small closets, like those common in New York City, combining some of these options is going to be your best bet. For example, organize your office shoes on shelves and organize sandals using a back of the door shoe organizer. 

Option 6:  Shoe Trees
People either love them or hate them. This is seriously where preference makes a difference. The Container Store sells a highly rated one

Photo courtesy of The Container Store

Option 7:  Under the Bed
This can be a great option for out of season storage. It’s not the best option for your everyday shoes. There is also a version on wheels from that could be good for slippers as well. 

Photo courtesy of The Container Store 

Option 8:  Shoe Cabinets
Again, quality here makes a difference, but I’ve had clients that are happy with the IKEA version of the shoe cabinet. This is a great option in a mudroom or entryway for families with small children. Grab your shoes and you’re out the door.

Photo courtesy of IKEA

Finally, two options with shoes as d├ęcor:

Option 9:  Crown Molding
Now we’re getting creative. Imagine your gorgeous heels dangling from crown molding along the walls of your walk in closet. Yeah, I’m drooling.

Photo via Pinterest

Option 10:  On a Ladder
Shoes as art. Still drooling here.

Photo courtesy of Design Sponge

Whew! Talk about options. 

Please, tell me, what other way could you possibly organize your shoes? 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Five Ways to Organize Your Shoes

Shoes, shoes, shoes – one of my favorite things to organize! I’ve blogged about how to purge and donate them, but this week I’m sharing my thoughts on how to organize them.

Some might say it’s simple, but trust me it can be tricky. Shoe organization is all about first figuring out your preferences and assessing your space. To do so, ask yourself a few questions: 

  • Do you need to see all your shoes?
  • Would having shoes organized in boxes work?
  • How many pairs do you have?
  • What types of shoes do you have? Break them into categories.
  • Which pairs do you wear most frequently?
  • How much storage space do you have? Walls, shelves, space under hanging clothes, back of door – consider it all.

Now that you understand your space and basic preferences, consider these five varied options you might have to organize them.

First insider tip, with shoe storage I’ve found that you get what you pay for. So if shoes are important to you, be prepared to spend money on higher quality organizing products.

Option 1:  Open Shelves
This is my first recommendation for clients that need to see their shoes. If you are planning to be in your home for the long term, a carpenter can easily build what you need. In most high-end walk-in closets, this is what you'll see. If you are in a rental, I recommend this shelving option from The Container Store.

Photo courtesy of LA Closet Design

Option 2:  Shoe Boxes 
This is the way to go if you want a uniform look that keeps shoes neat and dust free. Plus boxes are stackable! You get bonus points if you attach a photo of the shoes to the box. 

Photo courtesy of

Option 3:  Cubbies
My other favorite recommendation for shoe storage is cubbies. Cubbies keep shoes organized, tucked away, but still easy to find. Beware the quality of cubbies that aren’t custom made. Freedom Rail has a sturdy option. 

Photo courtesy of The Coveted

Option 4:  Over the Door Organizers
For a more temporary storage option, consider using a back of the door shoe organizer. Again, the quality can be an issue. Real Simple makes a great one that allows you to see the shoes.

Photo courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Option 5:  Closet Hang Organizers
Similar to over the door, this can work in some spaces, like a rental, or for seasonal shoes. However, valuable hanging space is hard to spare. Go with a solid option like the Milano line from The Container Store.

Photo Courtesy of The Container Store

The fun doesn't stop here! Next week, I'll continue this list with five more ways to organize your shoe.