Friday, June 14, 2013

Six Kitchen Organizing Secrets

I get pretty pumped to organize almost any room, but this week I’m sharing a secret (or six). Kitchen organizing is my downright favorite.

Personally, I love to cook. So when I can create an efficient and simple functionality for clients in their own kitchens, it’s like all is right in the world.

So this week, I’m sharing six of my best kitchen organizing secrets.

1. Consider creative solutions. Use pegboards and hooks to organize pots, pans and kitchen utensils. You’ll free up space in the cabinets and items will always be at hand.

2. Make it move. Use portable bins for spices, oils and sauces. You can easily grab them from a cabinet shelf when cooking, and slip them back in when you’re done.

3. Use backs of doors. Paint a chalkboard for grocery lists, hang a cork board or magnetic board for clippings, or add hooks for measuring cups. You’ll make the most of that unused space and keep the outside of the fridge and cabinets clutter free.

4. When in doubt, stack. Use vertical space inside cabinets with stacking bins, stacking shelves (which are great for dishes) or tiered shelves.

5. Highlight what you love. Maybe baking or entertaining is your passion. Figure out what is important to you, group all related items together, and make space for them.

6. Line it up. Use dividers to keep cutting boards, bake ware, and platters lined up and easily accessible.

And as an added bonus, I’m sharing some kitchen no-no’s…
  • Buying products before making an organizational plan and measuring cabinets.
  • Keeping more stuff than you have space. Haven’t cracked open that cookbook yet – get rid of it! Holding on to large kitchen appliances you’ve used once in the last three years – let it go!
  • Not moving shelves. Most cabinet shelves are movable so you can make the spacing work for you.
  • Not working with a plan. Simple solution: Before moving things around, write out the different types of items, or categories of items, in your cabinets on sticky notes. Start assigning a new home to items by moving the sticky notes around as needed.

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