Friday, March 29, 2013

Top Seven Closet Accessories

If you’re in the mood to put away those heavy wool sweaters and pull out your summer shorts, my Spring Closet Cleanse special is exactly what you need. This week in honor of the seasonal closet switch, I’m sharing my favorite closet organizing accessories.

No closet is alike, especially in New York City, but these seven closet saviors work in almost any space. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a custom closet or are just dealing with a basic clothing rod and shelf, these accessories work almost every time.

Acrylic Shelf Dividers from Clos-ette Too

Shelf Dividers – These acrylic babies are the best shelf dividers around. Sleek and sturdy, use them to keep stacks of sweaters or even clutches upright and organized.

Booti, the easiest boot shaper

Booti – Most boot shapers take up lots of space when they aren’t being used. Not the Booti. All you do is insert it tightly rolled into the boot, and let it unroll itself.

Simple Division Closet Rod Organizers from
The Container Store

Closet Rod Organizer – It’s easy for clothing to get mixed up. It just happens and before you know it, you’re weeding through tees to get to work tops. Talk about a time waster. This is where the Simple Division Closet Rod Organizers save the day.

Modern Twig Coat Hook from StudioLiscious on Etsy

Cool Hooks – Hooks with a purpose, particularly hooks that give your closet some style are the best. Use them to hang items you need quick access to on an everyday basis like belts, your robe or even your guy’s baseball cap.

Real Simple Slimline Hangers from Bed Bath & Beyond

Real Simple Slimline Hangers – There is nothing like a closet full of coordinated hangers. Enough said.

Our Shoe Box from The Container Store

Clear Shoe Boxes – The Container Store’s basic shoe boxes are: 1) affordable 2) classic, and 3) stackable. Adhere a photo of your shoes to the box if you’re really feeling awesome.

Firenze Bin from The Container Store

Richard Eyelet Tote from Gracious Home

Open Canvas Bins – Nine out of ten times I suggest open bins for clients’ closets. For busy folks on the go, these bins make grabbing items and putting them away so easy. Two of my favorites are the Firenze bin from The Container Store and the Richards Eyelet Tote from Gracious Home.

As an added tip, store a simple folding step stool in your closet to make it easy to reach items on high shelves.

Would love to hear from you! Do you have any favorite closet organizing accessories? 

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