Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks to Five Organizational Tools

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is looking forward to a couple days off to spend with family and friends, enjoying turkey, and all that good stuff.

This week, I’m giving thanks to five simple organizational tools that make life easier. And for that I’m grateful.

1. Lazy Susan – Every home has some odd corner space in a kitchen or bathroom. A lazy susan usually saves the day. They are even great in supply or craft areas and offices. The options are endless.

Photo courtesy of Real Simple

2. Tape Gun – When I’m packing a client and overseeing a move, my tape gun is always at my side. I can tape up a box faster than anyone you’ve ever seen.

Photo courtesy of The Container Store

3. Desktop File Boxes – Everyone has files they need at hand during the workday. To keep them organized, I’m a huge fan of desktop file boxes to hang files instead of having files stacked or scattered all over your desk. Plus here are so many designs to choose from.

Photo courtesy of The Container Store

4. To Do List / Notebook – I can’t live without my lists. My notebook of choice is from MiquelRius. They are the perfect size, have perforated pages, and sturdy enough to travel with me all over NYC to see clients.

Photo courtesy of MiquelRuis

5. Poly File Folders – I slide my documents and files inside poly file jackets when taking them to client appointments or meetings to keep my papers protected. Plus they’re labeled and color-coded (for example, red for client files) so I can quickly grab what I need.

Photo courtesy of Office Depot

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Take time to relax, eat well, and enjoy it.

And don’t miss last year’s post with five more organizational tools I’m thankful for.


  1. Hi Korinne!
    I have that Desktop File Box and I love it!!!
    I'm a new follower :)
    Marcela (

  2. Marcela! Great to hear from you. Thanks for following. And so glad you love the file box, too.