Thursday, October 25, 2012

Peanuts in Purses

Peanuts in a purse?! I know it sounds crazy, but trust your favorite organizer on this one...

While organizing a client with an extensive collection of purses, I was struggling for a solution that would 1) prevent the purses from losing their shape when empty and 2) keep the purses lined up neatly on her shelves.

When it hit me!

I stuffed large Ziploc bags with packing peanuts from Staples and put them inside the purses. When my client has to switch purses, all she has to do is quickly remove the peanuts from the purses and she’s on her way.

The only supplies you need

The peanuts go inside the Ziploc

Before: Sad, slouchy purse

After: Happy, organized purse

Such a simple and inexpensive solution! And the stuffed purses retain their shape, which gives them a longer shelf life (pun intended!) and eliminates cluttered purses from taking over your closet.