Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Organizing Obsession: Chalkboard Labels

It goes without saying that I’m obsessed with labels. From the basics like P-Touch and Avery to more inspired labels like chalkboard.

These two options, one with a wood border and one without, are perfect labels for bins and baskets that you want to display in any living or workspace. 

Photo courtesy of Save on Crafts

Photo courtesy of Save on Crafts

If you are looking for something a bit more sleek, but with the same atheistic, go for chalkboard tape. I recently used these labels on magazine files to identify a client's cooking magazines.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Peanuts in Purses

Peanuts in a purse?! I know it sounds crazy, but trust your favorite organizer on this one...

While organizing a client with an extensive collection of purses, I was struggling for a solution that would 1) prevent the purses from losing their shape when empty and 2) keep the purses lined up neatly on her shelves.

When it hit me!

I stuffed large Ziploc bags with packing peanuts from Staples and put them inside the purses. When my client has to switch purses, all she has to do is quickly remove the peanuts from the purses and she’s on her way.

The only supplies you need

The peanuts go inside the Ziploc

Before: Sad, slouchy purse

After: Happy, organized purse

Such a simple and inexpensive solution! And the stuffed purses retain their shape, which gives them a longer shelf life (pun intended!) and eliminates cluttered purses from taking over your closet.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Before and After: Desk Space in a Busy Bakery

One of my favorite organizing projects is a cluttered desk space. And let me tell you, working on a desk surrounded by the sweet smells of delicious cakes was a dream come true.

In this busy New York City bakery, the head chef shares a desk with her assistant, and it just wasn’t working. Communication was breaking down.

The first step was to “clear the decks” to make some sense of the paper flow in and out of the office. As a second step, we found a home for those papers, based on priority, and identified solutions to get them organized. Finally, we created customized systems to help track active projects (i.e. cakes) and potential leads.

Check out the before photos…

And now the after…

All in all, a much more efficient space!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Organizing Obsession: Stacked Pans

In almost every kitchen I organize, I notice a common theme... pans run amok. They clutter drawers and cabinets and are impossible to access.

Welcome to my current obsession, stacked pans.

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

Photo courtesy of Real Simple.
Snag this product at Lowe's.

Of course, there are many ways to store pots and pans.

Hanging on on hooks or a traditional hanging rack

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

Hanging from a peg board

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Supported by tensions rods between shelves (Great for lids, too!)

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

But when all else fails, why not stack ‘em!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Guest Blog Post: Detox Your Closet

Other than a good workout, nothing makes me feel lighter and more energized than clearing out my closet. Saying goodbye to all that extra stuff from clothes that don’t fit to shoes that really hurt my feet does wonders for my soul. I can find what I need, make better decisions when shopping, and put together cuter outfits. Need I say more?

So, to get you motivated to tackle your own closet organization this fall, checkout my twelve tips to detox your closet on the fabulous blog, Urban Detox Club. You can read it here.

For all things healthy and fun, sign up for Urban Detox Club's VIP emails and enter to win one of their monthly detox swag bags featuring goodies like gift cards to Whole Foods and Lululemon and other awesome freebies. They draw a new name every month from their list. 

And bonus! They are offering Urban Simplicity's readers $15 off their $299 detox program through the end of the month. Use this link to sign up now.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Organizing Obsession: All Things Collapsible

In New York City, it’s all about serious space saving strategies. Say that five times. 

I’ve recently picked up on a trend I’m loving – all things collapsible. Collapsible items take up less drawer space, floor space, and shelf space and fold up so sweetly. What’s not to love?

Here are four of my favorites for your home.

Photo courtesy of Joseph Joseph

This ingenious grater from Joseph Joseph not only looks great but folds completely flat for easy storage, when not in use.

Photo courtesy of Joseph Joseph

This strainer also from Joseph Joseph goes from a flat sheet to a strainer in one easy movement.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Folds right up and will slide right into the space underneath your sink. You can find these at any local hardware store or on Amazon.

Photo courtesy of Quirky

This hamper from the genius sight Quirky is perfect for dry cleaning. When not holding items to drop off, it folds right up to save space on your closet floor.

What collapsible items do you use and love?