Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Organizing Obsession: Travel Jewelry Organizers

Summer is a busy travel season for sure. In fact, last weekend was the first I've spent in NYC since mid-May. Needless to say, travel is on my mind, including a not so fabulous memory I have to share.

I lost a diamond stud earring on a quick trip to Washington, DC last year. I was completely sick about it and then had to break the news to my husband. Yikes.

At the time, I organized my jewelry in a zippered bag for travel. Lesson learned! I quickly invested in a proper travel jewelry organizer that protects all my gems. I'm now obsessed and wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

Clos-ette makes the mother of all travel jewelry organizers. Just right for the accessory-obsessed. It's perfect for a longer trip or use on an everyday basis in your home to to contain a smaller jewelry collection.

Photo Courtesy of Clos-ette

If you like to travel light when it comes to your jewelry collection, these two versions are your best bet.

Stephanie Johnson's cases come in the fun patterns and are durable and functional.

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Johnson 

This case from is perfect if you're into earrings. You can secure your earrings through the little holes, which is a rare find in smaller travel jewelry cases. Plus it can be monogrammed!

Photo Courtesy of

Here's to relaxing and organized travel this summer. And no more missing earrings!

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