Friday, July 27, 2012

Guest Blog Post: How to Declutter Your "Blank"

Decluttering just got easier thanks to Jennifer Lee and her brilliant brainchild, ClosetDash. ClosetDash makes it fun and easy to list your items, showcase them and get offers online.

It’s simple: create a closet, fill it with photos, and start trading. The social network and invitation-only aspect of the site make it a unique online experience and keeps the quality high. For items you can’t sell, ClosetDash features a donation section where users can donate their items to one of ClosetDash’s non-profit partners.

I met Jennifer during my small business networking adventures and was immediately impressed with her vision and passion to help people across the country simplify their lives through decluttering. Needless to say, we have a lot in common.

Don’t miss her tips in this week’s guest blog post.

How to Declutter Your "Blank"
By Jennifer Lee

Thinking about decluttering your closet, your home, your commitments? You’re not alone. The decluttering movement is rapidly gaining momentum as hoards of shoppers turn their noses up at traditional consumerism and embrace a more minimalist and simple way of living. To join in the new movement, repeat, “Less is More” after me and follow these five steps.

Step 1: Pull everything out, clear everything off and place it in a pile. In the case of decluttering your commitments, make a list.  If you’re tackling a large project, you may need to divide the project into sections.  For example, if you’re trying to declutter your whole home, go room by room.

Step 2: Start sorting into piles: Definitely Keep, Definitely Get Rid Of, and Unsure. Try to keep the Unsure pile as small as possible.  With your commitments, go through each one by one and determine how much joy each adds to your life and whether it’s worth the time you commit to it.  Keep those that add a lot of value to your life and get rid of the others, freeing up more time to spend on those activities you really do value.

Step 3: Thoroughly clean the space and put away the Definitely Keep items. You can arrange them in organized piles or clearly labeled bins.  Box up the Definitely Get Rid Of items and consider which items to sell, swap or donate.  ClosetDash is a one stop website for all the items you decide to get rid of.  On the site, you’re able to list items to sell or swap as well as arrange a donation with our premium donation partners.

Step 4: Scrutinize the Unsure pile. For those items that you really can’t make a decision about, pack them in to a box and keep them out of sight for six months.  If after six months, you haven’t longed to pull them out of the box, get rid of them.

Step 5: Keep the newly decluttered space as neat as possible. To do so, repeat these steps twice a year.  Continue to follow these steps to declutter other areas of your life and before you know it, you’ll feel free of unwanted items and commitments.

Jennifer Lee, founder of ClosetDash, escaped from the world of Wall Street by digging a hole under her desk during her very short water breaks into the A/C vents. After miles of dark tunnels and dust bunnies, and Bailey her Pomeranian as her guide, she emerged in Brooklyn and began on her quest to help people clear their closets of stuff! She calls both California and New York her home and enjoys cooking large Korean meals for her friends. Check out ClosetDash on Facebook and Twitter.

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