Friday, June 22, 2012

Five Tips to Organize Your Summer Share

Just last week I posted Ten Tips to Organize Your Summer Home. This week, I have tips that are specific to organizing your shared summer home.

Keeping a summer share organized is a unique challenge. You have various people, plus their guests, in the house each weekend and things can get a bit mixed up, to say the least.

These tips will keep your weekends low maintenance and organized so you can make the most of your time in the sun.

1. Create a shared calendar. Use Google docs to create a calendar that everyone can access and update. Add names of guests for the weekend, dates certain housemates will be out of town, and even birthdays so you know when to plan a celebration. A calendar will keep everyone on the same page.

2. Label, label, label. Never underestimate the power of a label maker. Adding labels in the kitchen, pantry, bathrooms, and the linen closets is the best way to ensure things get put back in the right place.
3. Contain your toiletries. Summer shares can be crowded with everyone vying for bathroom time. Use a caddy to keep your toiletries organized so your favorite lotion doesn’t go missing.

Mountain Peaks Bath Basket from Anthropolgie

4. Delegate the chores. For basic chores that need to be completed every weekend, create a chore list and assign a responsibility to everyone in the home. This information can be added to the Google calendar or written on a chalkboard or whiteboard in the kitchen. It may sound silly, but it will help keep relationships harmonious in the house.

5. Ask for help. To minimize the responsibilities for everyone in the home, consider hiring someone to clean the house and mow the lawn. You can even hire a local teen to take-out the trash and keep an eye on the house during the week. Make sure one person in the home is responsible for communicating with anyone that’s helping out. 

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