Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Six Tips to Make It Happen

It's only mid-April. You have plenty of time to tackle your spring cleaning. And what’s the toughest part about spring cleaning? Making it happen. With these six tips, you’ll be armed and ready with a simple and manageable plan to get it done.

1.    Set your priorities. If you don’t have time to spring clean your entire home, identify priority projects that are out of the realm of your weekly cleaning. 

2.    Make a list of projects. Then, rank the list in order of importance based on your needs and time available.

3.    Schedule it. First, estimate how long each project might take so you can hold the appropriate amount of time on your schedule. Be realistic about how much time you’re wiling to devote to getting it done. 

4.    Add some incentive. Like the light at the end of the tunnel once your work is done, treat yourself to a massage or that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing. Just remember the one in, one out rule.

5.    Ask for help. Create a chore list so that everyone in the family can help. For bigger projects that you’re particularly dreading, consider bringing in a professional service to help you out.

6.    Create a spring cleaning file. Add helpful tips you find throughout the year. Also, keep your list of projects and tracking of how long each takes. Add check boxes next to projects so you can monitor your progress. Remember, if you don’t get around to vacuuming your drapery, there’s always next year. Just joking, who actually does that? 

Spring Closet Cleanse Special
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  1. Not only did I read this, I printed it out!

    1. That is fantastic! Hope you can find some time to get it all done!