Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dirty Little Secret

I have clearly let things slip around my house. In all my excitement for organizing other people, I’ve managed to accumulate a junk drawer all my own. For the record, I could try to blame this on my husband, but he’s probably the most organized guy I know. Or I could have “forgotten” to mention it to you, but that didn’t feel right either. So, I went ahead and took some photos to bring this dirty little secret to light…


So, what does this mean in the grand scheme of getting organized?
  • Nobody is perfect. I’m guessing it put you at ease to know that even a professional organizer needs to work at staying organized. So, don’t be so hard on yourself.
  • Organizational systems take maintenance. And, from time to time, a system is going to break down. Just hope it’s not a big one (but you can call Urban Simplicity if it is). 
  • Each drawer, shelf, or space should have a defined purpose. Figure out what that purpose is and stick to it.
  • As you notice organizing projects, jot them down on a list. Trust me, I knew that junk drawer was growing, but since I didn’t have it written on my list, it was out of sight, out of mind. Plus, a list is handy, because you likely won’t have time to deal with a project when you first notice it.
  • Schedule time on your calendar, say, an hour or two each weekend, to tackle a project. Approaching one project at a time will keep you from feeling overwhelmed, and your progress will keep you motivated.
Hopefully, this gives you a realistic way to look at your organizing challenges.  Don’t forget, we’re all human! What matters is that we keep making the effort to do things better.  


  1. I love "Simple Brilliance"!!!!
    Of course I need to write it down, doh! Head Slap!!!
    I just needed to read it here first. Thanks so much for the post! You rock! And, are simply brilliant!!! I {heart} that! ~anje @SiS

  2. Loved this post! As a dedicated organizer and getting into a career as a PO, it was refreshing to see I'm not the only one who lets things go in my own home from time to time! Your tips were great and yes what matters is making the effort to improve!

  3. I am so glad you liked it and found it helpful! That's my goal. Thanks for following and look forward to hearing from you again.

  4. Lauren - Good look as you start your PO career. I'm glad you found this helpful. Thanks for following!