Friday, July 8, 2016

Urban Simplicity in L.A.

Hey, L.A. friends! We're taking our talents to the West Coast with sessions starting next week.

Korinne, Urban Simplicity's Organizer-in-Chief, is available for Full Organizing Sessions and DIY Simplicity. 

Full Organizing Sessions - This is perfect for anyone with projects they are looking to tackle and have been struggling to do on their own. I generally work in four-hour increments which start with sorting and decluttering and end with a beautifully organized space. Projects could be any closet in the home, a kitchen, kids' playrooms, workspaces, or really any space... I've done it all! Prior to scheduling these sessions, I'll schedule a quick call to discuss the project and review photos of spaces to be organized. At that point, I will provide an estimate of hours to complete the work and get the project scheduled. The hourly rate is $125. 

DIY Simplicity - If you tend toward organized but could use some expert advice to get your home in order, this is for you. In this two-hour in home consultation, we'll do a full walk through and review and take measurements of key spaces. Within two weeks of the session, you'll receive custom, step-by-step DIY project instructions to declutter and organize your space. This includes a recommended product list to finish the space. I'll also provided unlimited email support following the consultation to help you get it done! Cost is $500. 

Availability for CA sessions is Tuesday 7/12, Saturday 7/16, Sunday 7/17, Monday 7/18, Tuesday 7/19. At this point both AM and PM sessions are open. 

Feel free to contact US at or call 646-942-8676 at anytime. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Live Segment! Travel Tips on Fox 19 Cincinnati

We were back on Fox 19 last week sharing family friendly travel tips heading into Memorial Day weekend. 

Below we're sharing links to all the products mentioned in the video. 

Tip One – Create a Trip File
As soon as a trip is booked, create a file with the name and dates of your upcoming travel. You can also do this electronically by creating a folder in your email inbox. Then you can access it from anywhere.

As you book flights, rental cars, and hotels, print the confirmations and drop them in the file.  As time passes, continue to include list of restaurants, sites to see, maps, and interesting articles about your destination – anything of interest you come across. 

The Barcelona Document Bag is perfect to keep all travel documents organized.

Tip 2 – Get Road Trip Ready 
An organized car is a major sanity saver. 

Keep snacks in a grab and go bin that everyone can access. Pack a water bottle for every family member.

Pack an on-the-go medicine cabinet that is always easy to access when you’re driving. Pack a small supply of bandages, pain reliever, stomach medicine, first aid ointment, sunscreen, hand sanitizer along with a stain removal pen and a small first aid and sewing kit.

For younger children, keep toys and coloring books under control with a back of the seat organizer for quick access. It has deep pockets to store iPads and other essentials. 

For teens, the travel GRID-IT organizer keeps chargers, earphones, and personal items under control. Plus you can easily drop it inside a handbag, backpack, or tote. 

A travel-sized trashcan is a must have for all the stuff that is accumulated along the way.

Tip 3 – Create a Travel Staging Area
Packing an entire family can be a complicated process. Stuff ends up all over the house and can take several days to complete. You want to make this process as efficient as possible.

Clear and designate an area in your home that can be used to prepare for trips and on return from trips. Use a collapsible bin to hold items as you begin the packing process. When not in use, the bin can be easily stored out of the way. 

Keep any other items you commonly need for travel in this area – travel size toiletries, chargers, packing checklists, shoe bags, packing cubes, jewelry cases, laundry bags, toiletry bags, and travel adapters. When you’re ready to finally put all items in the suitcase, you’ll have things in one place. 

Tip 4 – Contain Your Stuff
The other big secret to packing is containment. The big mistake is throwing everything into a suitcase and hoping you can find what you need. Like all organizing you want to group like with like.

Packing cubes keep like with like in your suitcase. If these aren’t in your budget, Ziploc bags or even shoe and purse bags work just a well. 

For younger children consider packing and labeling outfits for each day of the trip. Ziploc bags work perfectly for this.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Closet Organizing Tips on ABC News

Spring is the perfect time for a closet cleanse to breathe new life into your space. We tackled entryway closet organizing with ABC News. 

Video: Decluttering Your Entryway Closet

As an added bonus, follow these five steps to organize your closet.

Step One: Pull everything out of the closet. As you pull items out, sort like with like and put clothing and accessories into piles. Put all dresses together, all tops together and so on. The types of clothing you wear most will become clear as you go through this process.

Step Two: Declutter. Now is the time to make tough decisions. Go through each category of clothing and decide what to keep. For items that you aren’t keeping decide if they can be donated, given to a friend or family member or sold. If damaged or worn beyond repair, items should be trashed or put into textile recycling.

Step Three: Come up with an organizing plan. Before putting all the items back in the closet, you want to evaluate the space and how best to organize all the items you’re keeping. Grab a piece of paper and sketch out where and how to store items. Measure the space so you can select the right sized bins, shelving or any other organizational products needed. 

Step Four: Spring clean the space. While the space is empty, vacuum the floors and wipe down shelves that have gathered dust. 

Step Five: Put it all back together. Put all items you’re keeping back into the closet and organize them according to the plan you developed in step four. Don’t forget to label bins and shelves to make it easy to put things back on a day-to-day basis. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Live Segment! Pantry Organizing Tips on Fox 19 Cincinnati

You won’t want to miss our live segment on Fox 19 Cincinnati.

As an added bonus, here are six steps to organize your pantry.

Step 1:   Pull everything out of the pantry.     
Step 2:   Declutter and discard expired items.
Step 3:   Clean and wipe down pantry surfaces.
Step 4:   Sort like with like and group those items together. Examples include                  grains, salty snacks, savory snacks, sauces, condiments, etc.
Step 5:   Consider family favorites and what you use most often to set-up zones               in your pantry.
Step 6:   Containerize and label items to keep things organized and easy for your             family to maintain as well.

US Named New York Magazine's Best of New York 2016

Just over five years ago, I left the world of politics (Best. Decision. Ever.) to start my professional organizing company. It’s been an adventure more challenging and rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

Now I’m so excited to share that Urban Simplicity was featured in New York Magazine’s 2016 Best of New York issue. 

I want to take the time to thank you for all you’ve done to help me grow the business over the years. Your referrals, online support, and trust in our services have been the true reason behind our success.

Closet Makeover Featured on Fox 19 Cincinnati

Check out our two-part makeover of Fox 19 morning anchor Kara Sewell’s closet.

We had the best time transforming her basic single rod closet design into a much more sophisticated and organized closet using The Container Store’s elfa system. It’s our go-to for affordable, adaptable closet design.

As a bonus, here are some of my favorite ways to store common closet staples. Many of which I put to use when organizing Kara’s space.

Hanging Clothing – Hang items on matching hangers, organized by type, then color. Consider separating work wear from weekend wear to make getting dressed in the morning quicker. Every good closet has a mix of short and long hang. 

Sweaters – Folded on open shelving, organized by color. Use a shelf divider to keep stacks upright.

  • For belts, hooks are the way to go with a pull-out rack or simple hanger.
  • Ties can be hung on a similar hook system or rolled and stored in a shallow drawer – always use drawer organizers and group ties by color.
  • Jewelry – By color and type. The elfa wall system from The Container Store helps to keep items displayed. Use shallow drawer organizers for earrings and rings.
  • Handbags – Treat them like a work of art and display them. If you can’t see them then you’ll never use them. 

Shoes – Open shelving by color and type is best because it’s always best to see what you have. Consider using The Container Store shoeboxes for dress shoes that are rarely worn. Bin for flip-flops and quick grab slippers.

Lesser Used Items – Consider storing lesser used items, like swim suits and baseball caps, in coordinated bins on higher shelving. Don’t forget to label the bins.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Bring on 2016

Wishing you a happy, healthy and ORGANIZED 2016! 

All the best,

Korinne and the team at Urban Simplicity